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Anthropomorphic Climate Change?

stormy weather
'Stormy Weather' is a fitting metaphor for today's ideological struggle

The Weather, we are all exposed to the elements, we are all immersed in the same atmosphere and so we experience weather as being a continuously variable range of conditions.

Who could have predicted that the weather would become such a fiercely contested topic, that distinctive factions would arise, each adamant that their views and conclusions are the truth, each one willing to wager ultimate stakes to prove their case?

Because this is what we have today, the question of ‘Climate Change’ has been appropriated by powerful, ruthless groups in our society who cynically utilize the earnest good will of millions of people in order to complete their political ambitions and vision for a tightly controlled and regulated global society which they have absolute dominion over, for this is what the outcomes always are – ever increasing legislation and rule making that restricts and forbids people to live in any way that is different to the ideal and approved model.

Always they justify and support this closing of the vice in terms of ‘global emergency’, saving the planet, averting disaster and total meltdown.

Conspiracy theories? Well, isn’t all of politics a category of conspiracy, isn’t the backroom deliberation between like-minded people a form of conspiracy in terms of dictionary definition?

Leaving all of the conspiratorial wrangling aside, because as educated people we can do this, move ideas aside in order to view other ideas more clearly? We must examine the details, the origins and the objectives of this Climate issue, because this ‘feud’ among the people in our society has the potential to completely disintegrate our culture; I think it is that significant.

Having lived through the 1960’s/70’s I recall the growing concern with the environment, and being a young person with an inclination towards science I supported this, the so-called ‘Hippy’ culture produced a compelling narrative and a genuine awareness of how humanity was impacting the global ecosphere; this very fragile, envelope of gases, it’s even more fragile web of life that gained traction, against amazing odds billions of years ago.

The possibility of life taking hold on a planet is an incredibly remote absurdity, we need to establish this very clearly. Because our lives are so familiar to us, and the outside world apparently so ‘ordinary’ we seldom give these ideas much time, or space; we are just too busy getting on with the obvious steps our lives demand us to take: obtaining shelter, getting food, finding and keeping a job, the health of our family, education, transport, holidays and all of the mundane detail each life represents. The odds of you existing have been calculated by people who like to calculate these obscure subjects, and it is reckoned that the mathematical probability of you, yes you, existing is: 4 Quadrillion-to-1.

There is nobody in the world who can comprehend that number.

Steven Goddard. AKA “Tony Heller” is a remarkable individual, this video is a typical example of his more recent presentations:

We are beset on every side by purveyors of hyperbole, of misinformation, of distorted facts, of false authority: ‘What the Scientists say’ type media headlines.

Politics has completely hijacked the issue of climate. Extinction Rebellion is a recent upsurge in ground level activism which is justified by a seemingly noble cause. 

Because it appears so noble, so well-meaning and similar to the old ‘Hippy’ narratives, the deep concern with ecology, the fight for conservation, for anti-corporate exploitation, for ‘saving the planet’ it seems to be gaining purchase with the ‘normal population’, the vast ‘silent majority’ the fabled “PUBLIC”.

What is not spoken about on mainstream media, on all of the talk shows and chattering opportunities, the cocktail party dialogs is that the ‘Science’ is never settled on this; science is never settled period!

The MSM always depicts the factions as being climate activists, and the ‘Deniers’.

To deny something has an almost Biblical sound, to be denied, this is what guilty criminals are presented as saying in court, ‘The murderer denied being anywhere near the victim’. Indeed.

This is not a contrarian bunch of grumpy boomers claiming they don’t believe the science, this is a substantial community of highly qualified and brilliant people, these are truly people of science and education. Tony Heller for example has a list of qualifications which position him to critique ‘climate Science’ with focused authority,  his attainments are clearly listed on his website: RealClimateScience dot COM these clearly separate Tony’s (Steven’s) narratives from the vast majority of journalists, from the low grade hyperbolic assertions of the legacy media.

We need to be concerning ourselves with genuine debate, avoiding these enclaves of mere conjecture and authoritarian imposition on our attention.

The problem is always one of ‘Literacy’, the majority of punters and consumers of media are not literate people in terms of science, the average level of education averages out at year 10 high school; it is these people the climate alarmists target, they know from their tireless research that this middle band of society can be groomed to push the lever, to enable these predatory groups to gain power from their seemingly benign intentions.

Greta Thunberg is a case-in-point. 

Using a teenage girl as the rallying point, How Dare You! 

The work of Tony Heller represents a rare commitment, his almost daily video posts have gained an audience, despite the mainstream incursions onto YouTube, and that tech-giant’s obvious bias (Google/Alphabet) towards the ‘left’ of politics; that Tony Heller is able to present his critique is a testimony to his own craft, and steady focus on the science. 

There is nothing aggressive or inflammatory in his video content, nothing the climate change activists can refer to as being false, Tony explores the depiction of climate alarmism through time, from newspaper articles published in the 19th Century, early 20th Century, the 1970’s 80’s 90’s and of course more recent ones.

‘Scientists Say’… This headline beginning is a code for mainstream media shallowness, this obvious declaration that scientists assert something immediately signals an appeal to authority, how can we as being laymen and less educated members of the public disagree with scientists?

The question of man-made climate change is a political question, this is being used to justify an entire raft of social policies, technical choices, whether or not particular companies are granted tenders, the suspension of using coal, oil, petrol. The question of your personal transport options, freedom of movement, in fact the entire basis of our social world is now being threatened by this subject; you will become more and more interested with it as time elapses because the quality of your life will be directly affected.

We need to listen to Tony Heller, because he is a genuine man, an educated and knowledgeable man of science, Geology, computer science, paleontology. Tony depicts the struggle with this political subject as being like fighting “The Borg”, there is much in this apparently flippant metaphor from the popular culture science fiction series  Star Trek – The Next Generation  because the origins of this climate change subject, in its most political and insidious form is with the United Nations, Al Gore, members of The Bilderberg Group, legacy media empire owners, the EU, the entire pantheon of anti-human, authoritarian plutocrats.

These people, these groups and locations of great wealth and power are akin to The Borg, who represent the most cynical, ruthless and pitiless aspects of human political ambition. 

When you hear terms such as: ‘Self Styled anti-climate change critic’, or ‘Denier’ just consider that in nearly every case it has been ‘self styled’ thinkers who have made the most valuable contributions to human civilisation; had Einstein gone with the consensus of his times, if Galileo has deferred to the Catholic church of his times, if Churchill had gone with the conciliatory intentions of ‘Peace in our time’, our world would have taken vastly different directions and life would look vastly different to us all.

I am not inclined to ‘gush’, I am too old and cynical to follow gurus, I am not impressed easily or willingly; but I do recognise genuine truth, and I am sufficiently educated in science and philosophy to be able to discern quality information, Tony Heller’s YouTube channel should be compulsory viewing for high school, and college students, also for policy makers and members of the public. I have no hesitation in recommending Tony Heller to anyone who seeks a balanced, and genuine source of information regarding Climate Science.

The weather continues to vary, the vast macro cycles of climate, and local conditions continue to also change and vary in accordance with solar energy, and physical conditions, cosmic rays, even the angular motion of the planet. Climate is a complex and inscrutable range of processes and conditions, human influence on this is not as they claim. And this is the point.

You can check out Tony Heller’s considerable work on his website: Real Climate Science along with his YouTube channel. I am happy to promote Tony’s efforts because I support genuine science, not dogmatic computer modelers who are slaves to a political agenda that is essentially driven by a lust for social power, and increasing restrictions on our freedom, and way of life; I also support ecology and conservation of forests and sane use of global resources. I just don’t buy climate alarmism, anthropomorphic climate change. 








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