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The Power of Digital Media

Gary Halbert and Copywriting

Mike Gorman

Somewhere way south of Jewfish Creek

Good Friday 2018

You know there was once a young man who aspired to build a simple data base of college students, using the advanced build language of the day. He just wanted to basically see who was ‘hot’ and who was not; to present a campus directory of personalities.

Now this project took off, and lots of people became intrigued as to how this platform could be harnessed to provide a social media on which people could show off their life, and tell the world just how successful and cool their lives were.

Part of the exchange, the conditions of entry was that you provided some basic details about yourself, where you work, how old you are, what you look like, where you studied, what grades you got..pretty much anything you would give to a bank, or other official entity.

Now, this platform did not insist that you reveal everything – you could quite easily open an account, and not reveal much at all if you preferred it. But people pretty much could not resist showing off, and telling their family and friends just what a cool, desirable life they led!

OK we know that this was “Facebook”, and the young man was Mark Zuckerberg and it became pretty popular.


So popular that the data which it collected became like gold bullion.

For a few dollars you could run campaigns and pretty much target any group of humanity you see as being relevant to your venture.

Amazingly, it took a while before business people cottoned on to this. It took the presidential campaign of 2016, and the Brexit campaign of that same year before the ‘Mainstream’ even caught a glimpse of just how powerful social media was becoming.

The power of digital media has been spoken about for the past 20 years, but people are stubborn. Now it seems there are people out there who are getting a bit miffed about just how influential digital media has grown.

They are talking about shady ‘Data companies’, ‘Brainwashing’, and other high blown terminology to describe their pique.

This is nonsense, of course! 

Brainwashing My Eye!

Since when has market data been illegal, since when does having a data base of people and access to presenting messages fall under the heading of ‘brainwashing’?

We either respond to messages, and agree with them, or we do not.

What is very clear, is that if you still don’t understand that you need to learn how to communicate and make social media work for you then you will be left way behind. I mean to the point of failing.

Anyway folks, this has been a missive from my desk on this delightful day, somewhere way south of Jewfish Creek, where the great Gary Halbert used to write from. If Gary were alive today, he would be using Facebook like nobody’s business!

I think Gary Halbert was a man who understood people, and communication – the internet was only just beginning to develop when he had to leave us, you can imagine what he would be doing with today’s social media, today’s opportunities for building visibility, no stamp required!

If you have even a scrap of sense, you will contact me, and get me to start building your digital media company, it is the reality of today. I build all of my client’s media companies, sites on Amazon AWS, the same infrastructure ‘Netflix’ also use, because it is THE best, fastest cloud service on earth.

What? I have the temerity to offer you something to buy? Well bless my socks, we have the most powerful communications platform ever conceived of, and fully operational on a global scale, we have the collective fire power of publications tools, and most importantly, 4 billion people and rising, and you ponder if it is ‘worthwhile’?

This is the most significant development in human social history, this eclipses even the ‘Printing Press’, and we all know just what that did for us.

Aligning your intentions, focusing your objectives and incrementally working towards reaching for people, this is the stuff, this is the best game in town.

Blogging, publishing pages, videos, podcasts, building your visibility -what on earth are you waiting for, permission?


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