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The Interactive Dynamic Of New Media

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The Dynamic Of Media Has Changed Completely

It’s ‘Fake News’! Everywhere we can see that mainstream media is facing the biggest challenge to their authority ever, and the brokers of social power are seeking to refute the credibility of the ‘Alternative Media’ .

The development of online media prior to 2016 was largely ignored in the established circles of power, Governments, social agencies, universities, elite groups.

While the development of the major Social Media sites, such as ‘Twitter’ & ‘Facebook’ were noted as being an’ irritation’ and a source of ‘alternative information’, it was not until the outcomes of  ‘Brexit’ & ‘Trump’ that the mainstream media, and the powerful affiliate network of mainstream power began to take it all very seriously.

Prior to 2016 the scale of internet-based media discussions was largely ignored in these circles. It was thought that the digital culture, and emerging discussions online were mostly ‘hot air’ and the public letting off steam in a safe, controlled way.

We know that social change, and the political landscape is now a game of ‘critical numbers’; for major changes of direction and the installation of different managers, new factions it just requires percentages, having a result of 48% as opposed to 51% means a great deal.

Now critical numbers of the ‘Public’ are gaining their information, and are able to exchange views and opinions on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube; these private businesses are managing to reach billions of people all around the world.

Beyond these major players, we have a profusion of different players, platforms are being built, private individuals have the ability to present their own Media publications which can be accessed globally also.

The so-called ‘Blogger’ community represents a growth of communication that is unprecedented, and the dynamic of this new energy of communication is quite different, it is Interactive, two-way, we are no longer passive consumers of authoritative declarations sitting in our reclining chairs and being shown the story-we are actually an organic part of how the story is shaped, we can have an effect through expressing our responses!

This dynamic is what is frightening the established players. For the first time in social history, the people have a powerful voice.

This has all kinds of implications, the overall effect of this global two-way dynamic are that people  are now discussing  matters as a daily part of their lives. You can’t simply present things to people and expect them to passively accept it.

We are being told that ‘Fake News’ is a problem, but it has always been a problem, it is called ‘Propaganda’, but now the situation is reversed; the central brokers of media power, the ‘corridors of power’ are not the only ones who can influence the outcomes.

This also means that long established business entities no longer have an exclusive conduit into our lives.

The T.V, Newspaper, Radio, Magazine advertising which sustained these ‘Fortune 1000’ type industries have fallen in popularity; we now have an open field of competition for attention.

Media, established business, political and economic consequences are very significantly being affected.

This new dynamic, the interactive and two-way dynamic is generating new opportunities. Once a critical number of people become aware of this, and we are getting much closer to the ‘tipping point’ each day, then the game is going to change forever.

Can you recognize what is happening, has this affected your business, your life?

The ‘New Media’ is not just another trendy topic to discuss on Friday after work over cocktails, this represents an entire shift in our social reality.


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