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The Cloud And The Truth

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The Cloud & The Coming Revolution

In all the major cities of Australia we have IT services companies, Web services, Corporate IT managers and other ‘Tech people’. Over the past five years I see increasing references to ‘The Cloud’ as though it is some kind of optional extra that you can use as a convenience; the cloud is nothing less than the entire internet itself, the storage networks, the powerful data base and infrastructure tools of networking and IT project potential. The Cloud is what is going to enable substantial independent developments, and scaled projects which have the potential to generate an entirely new breed of business.

What a lot of IT people in Australia are not understanding is just how mature, and massive these resources actually are.

This is not simply an optional extra – this is your entire corporate IT network being managed by one third of the staff you currently pay; this is the ability to launch entire serviced businesses for costs never before imagined. This is the sound of pure ‘Disruption’.

Never mind placing some of your less critical services in ‘The Cloud’, let me introduce you to the 21st Century, and the power of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and some other players in this space.

The nature of Cloud computing just hasn’t been fully communicated to established IT people and good people are missing a fabulous opportunity, in Australia we are playing ‘catch up’ but this paradigm of computing is now very mature.

This little video is one of the better ones which gives you a realistic overview of just what this technology means for real people.

Make no mistake ‘The Cloud’ is not some candy floss service, it is the thunderhead of IT disruption looming overhead, better get the wellies out 😉

If you have any questions, simply get in touch and I’ll be happy to discuss your project with you for a full 40 minutes. Booking calendar and consult times are provided here 🙂



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