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Secure Socket Layer Certificate For Australian Web Sites

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Your website needs an sSL certificate

You may have noticed that lots of websites are sporting that green ‘Secure’ label in their address bar lately. 

You also might have noticed that HTTPS is becoming more common, there is an excellent reason for this: Google have stipulated that their algorithms and Rank Brain technologies will downgrade any website that is not fitted with an SSL certificate from October of 2017.

You would think this would have an impact, and it has! However the message seems to have not gotten through to many quarters of the business community. 

Perhaps because security and technical issues tend to be handled by specialized services and IT departments; even among tech circles though it seems Google’s message still hasn’t sunk in all the way, by any means.

It is true folks, the ‘Secure Socket Layer’ certificate, or “SSL” for short is now absolutely critical for gaining love from Google’s AI technology, the Rank Brain, web crawlers and giant indexing colossus demands SSL to even consider your site as being worthy of attention.

It used to be that only websites where you actually transacted financially, eCommerce and government agencies, that kind of site needed the SSL; this is now needed across the board, whatever kind of website you might operate. 

You can of course confirm this for yourself easily, by reading the Google business blog, or just looking it up for yourself, never trust one source, never accept assertions from one authority, confirm, affirm, correlate and discover . The best NSA, Intelligence community operatives all know this!

Anyway, as a website developer I make it my business to keep up with these matters. 

I implemented SSL certificates for all my website build projects in the later part of last year; every website built by iWriteBox.com now has an SSL certificate built into the price, along with premium hosting.

If you have any questions about this, by all means give Mike Gorman a shout here at iWritebox.com. I notice roughly one third of Australian websites have SSL implemented. It is a very easy way to get some extra SEO love from the big ‘G’, and there are ‘Free’ options, but you need to be careful, not all SSL solutions are created equal and some of the budget option do not even register as being present. 

Regardless of what type of website you operate, you now have to sport that green ‘Secure’ seal of approval, it is all about providing safe spaces for web users, keeping people feeling at ease and secure, email addresses and private information is even more protected with an SSL. 

It is a sign of the times we all live in.Your website, regardless of what it deals with now needs SSL as a default requirement.

I use Comodo, they happen to offer the most professional and effective services. 

All projects which are published online from iWriteBox have SSL implemented as an inclusive part of the fee, plus of course I can provide the certificates at a much cheaper rate because of bulk volume pricing arrangements; I also expertly install them which is quite an involved process in itself.

SSL Certificates Are Now Mandatory For All Websites
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