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I like to produce my own videos, but sometimes content comes along which crushes it, and communicates a concept so well, you have to share it.

I think there are just so many business people in Australia currently who simply aren’t getting it, that the attention paradigm has shifted – much in the same way it did when the world of ‘Radio’ was massively displaced by Television in the early 1950’s. Back then Radio was king, and advertising on the airwaves also ruled, and was responsible for many brands being very successful. 

So many of these huge brands went under, because they did not think T.V would make it, that Radio would persist with its national and international audiences.

Well, ‘Digital Media’ is doing the same thing, to Radio, T.V, Cinema, Newspapers & Magazines. The internet has become the giant middleman communication platform for the world. 

Gary Vaynerchuk is an American digital media entrepreneur. Even if you do not know Gary, take a listen to the Q&A session at least, from the latter third of this video. This is gold, you need to hear this from the B-to-B audience questions about marketing, and making ‘Digital’ work for business.

See what I mean, that final comment about Radio/T.V and the shift in attention, this is what is happening, and will continue to happen today. 

Giant brands are going under because they persist with  spending the bulk of their marketing spend on T.V advertising – nobody is watching guys, they fast forward the ads! Hope this gets through to some of you.

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