Encouragement positive mindset
Can getting into a daily practice of stopping negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts ultimately change thought pattern?


Mind over Matter- This is a concept that has been around for over a hundred and fifty years. That one can train his mind to block out certain physical conditions or pain. To use a mental edge to take on a task otherwise perceived to difficult to complete. The Military prides itself on training their soldiers to be mentally strong. 

military mental toughness
The Military Trains soldiers to become mentally tough

There are literally thousands of self-help programs and books available and of course we are all familiar with Tony Robbins and his line of personal power products. Tony is only one of thousand’s of motivational speakers in this country, and around the world which shows you the demand for humans that want to, or feel they need to make a change. 

Brandon C. Allen

Brandon C. Allen

Brandon C. Allen is a web writer and Blogger. iWriteBox welcomes Brandon to the community.

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