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Building Your Web Media Identity And Assets

Writers, Academics, Journalists, Coaches, Consultants, Musicians, Ideas People, Teachers, Educators

All of these people, and others too numerous to list, all have something in common...
They are all specialist communicators, and today communication is all about the World Wide Web.
We recognise and understand the scale, and scope of the WWW if we have any sense.
However, to fully execute, and realise our full potential we need to develop the skills to accomplish our desired outcomes

We have access to learning, and training online these days, but putting everything together, and making it all work for our specific case is not always easy.
Expense, and also accuracy and relevance to our specific ambitions are often obstacles!
This is a combination of learning on steroids with actual technical resources and tangible outcomes for participants.

Not Just Training, Actual Practical Resources

Get with the 21st Century

Clean up your Writing

The approach to writing English on the web is a specific craft. We need to know our audience/s and make sure we are able to connect on the important levels. I help you to tighten up your writing skills for the web.

Setting Up Your Media Platform

This is the critical step many completely miss, the seasoned media people understand the absolute need to own your media assets, this brands all your content under your specific identity, learn how to get this done, or I can do it for you, it depends on your needs, your level of confidence. Own your media assets then nobody can take it from you.

Podcasting The Right Way

Radio used to be a crucial part of mass-media, now we have the digital version of podcasting. But I show you how to produce, edit, and get it all in the right form. I teach you how to get approval from iTunes, but most importantly how to publish firstly to your media platform, and then spread your podcast on the various distribution channels.

It is a Mobile World

Your Media Platform needs to be optimized for mobile devices. This is taken care of, so that whatever type of content you choose to employ is available on all device types.

Web Fire Power

The most powerful type of internet cloud services that Netflix, HBO, and big brand names know and love is Amazon Web Services. Your Media Platform, Podcast will be blasted to the Interwebs from AWS, the best! Check who else hosts with AWS, go on, I'll wait here for you...Well now so will you. Or if you choose another host that is also fine.

Support & Teaching

You will not believe the level of support and help you will receive. If you want to learn digital media ninja moves, so that your colleagues will wonder how your built your presence so powerfully!
Look, the Web is today's medium, and this is all about you building your path, your identity and distributing the whole bundle.

WordPress The Complete Web Media Solution

Gain a modern, relevant communications education.

This course takes you from ground zero, if you are a total web novice, to being able to publish written work, videos, podcasts, graphics. These are the principal media types of today’s world.

Once work is published, it needs to be distributed, promoted and targeted! Learn the most effective, practical ways of achieving this, from both the site content/courses and the most important part: The iWriteBox Community!

Not only using these media types, but sourcing the best tools and resources to get them executed on. 

This is a unique, ‘non-generic’ learning and resources project.

This is much more than a WordPress training course, it forms a comprehensive learning resource for today’s aspiring and developing communicators, writers, subject specialists.

Everywhere we see ‘blogging courses’ which are always about only one thing: ‘making moolah online’, it has become old.

This is not about affiliate marketing, or setting yourself up to be yet another web shark, this is about literacy, quality, refined intentions, focused content production.

This is about you.

Do you want to go beyond the usual dross, the ever-present profiteering, the crass, noisy world of ‘web marketing’, do you want to create something real, high quality, valuable, do you want to reach others and develop something unique?

There have not been many opportunities for the sincere operators, the genuine people, always it is about the sales driven, the greedy and the grasping. This is a bit different.

"Being 'Digitally Literate' is absolutely essential in today's media world. Not only literate, but EFFECTIVE in terms of building your own identity and renown, the world is changing rapidly, you need to know how to communicate and present your work online!"
Are you ready for this?
Mike Gorman
Web Maniac & Educator

The Options For Your Journey of Media Discovery

  • Middle of The Road
    Middle of The Road $80

    Including: 1.WordPress Training 2.cPanel Account & Support 3.Domain Setup 4.Webmaster Support 5.Community Support Your own fully managed AWS hosting account is optimised to provide superb page loading and performance speeds. If you combine this with help and support for loading the right type of optimising plugins and tools, along with hardened security you will have a genuinely slick project. For the aspiring 'New Media' personality and independent content producer, this is unique, superb quality. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to gain a foothold on today's competitive Web environment. Avoid the generic, become distinctive and known for your chosen field.

  • Deluxe Elite Tier
    Deluxe Elite Tier $180

    All of tier 1 Plus: 1. Individual Attention 2.Content Writing 3.Step by Step Hand Holding 4.Theme & Plugin Setup 5. Skype Calls for nitty gritty training, Individual Hands On remote support 5 days per week. The major difference between the two levels is the intensity, and extent of support you get from us. If you prefer to go it alone, choose the Middle of the Road option, if however you feel you need a greater level of individual attention, and hands-on support then this level will suit you better. Because this elite level demands more time and energy, it is slightly more costly. In both cases you will receive a level of care, and personalised support that is unprecedented in the world of Web training and resources. The big corporate services cannot compete with this, they are more concerned with profit, and scale, I am more interested in you, and your progress. This is the difference.

Middle Of The Road Option

Deluxe Elite Tier