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Being Mobile Friendly & Your Visibility

There are reams of generic posts, articles, white papers and videos all talking about the need to make your digital publication ‘work’ for all mobile devices.

This makes good sense. Let’s just take at look at the current figures, we can find statistics so easily about any topic you care to deal with…

Mobile Device Usage: Whichever source you choose it is clear that at least 82% of all adults in Australia currently use a smartphone, and for the globe it is around 62.9%.

The percentage of people who do online searches and also engage in Social Media activity throughout the day on their smartphone is also very high indeed.

From whatever point of view you want to use, ensuring that your website, your pages, your videos, your entire digital identity is accessible and clearly legible on mobile devices is critical.

Desktop computers are still widely used, of course, laptops also.

We make sure that any digital publication we produce for you works for mobile. Take this text, for example, I do not use huge blocks of text, or make it small, and I rarely go beyond two lines per paragraph.

This might earn me a frown from my old English tutors, but it works for online publication, especially for information.

Mobile complaint is a default position, we understand it is a mobile world. 

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