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The Liberation of The Technology
People Now Have Direct Access!


What Isn't Being Talked About

Everywhere we look these days people are talking about how technology is changing the game. And yes, it is clear that our access to digital technology is exerting some significant changes on our society. 

Previously familiar media entities which dominated the airwaves, and held sway over our attention are now being replaced by a plethora of alternative options, there is a power struggle taking place of both a commercial, and political nature!

What this actually translates into for us, as the ordinary people, is that we are no longer in the position of being the passive recipients of ‘culture’, we are in fact placed to create new forms of culture, to directly reach different groups of people at scale.

What isn’t being spoken about is the enormous opportunity that is now presented to us! It seems that we are so conditioned by the previous paradigm of communication, that of being ‘acted upon’, of receiving the production of our society.

The game is changing, and has changed.

More and more people are awakening to the vast new paradigm. Citizen journalism, bloggers, independent media groups, entrepreneurs and private citizens deciding to become merchants, Podcasters, writers and musicians are all discovering the enormous opportunity of becoming truly independent producers of media content.

As a digital media specialist I am deeply aware of these shifts in our culture. 

The awareness of these opportunities is directly linked to being digitally competent, of developing practical skills. Pundits call this the ‘Digital Divide’, which is: the gulf of separation between what people understand, and know about digital technology and what they are able to do about it.

The Internet is like a giant ‘Middleman’. 

The 20th Century was all about people positioning themselves between resources and consumers, the 20th Century was largely driven by ‘Middleman’ type businesses.

What the Internet has effectively been doing is to provide a powerful  means for all ‘Middleman’ type ventures to side-step the obstacles of exclusivity. The licensing and authority of media companies, for example; we no longer require anyone’s permission to distribute our media productions!

This is huge, one-by-one the middleman giants of the 20th Century are being toppled.

Consider what type of entities represent this ‘Middleman’ territory: we are talking about the entire ‘Bourgeois’!

iWriteBox is a form of ‘Middleman’ service, but the big difference is located in ‘Skills’ – I act as a specialist in-between entity between desired outcomes and the means to produce them.

As a digital media service, I provide very high quality options for people who could do everything themselves, but they lack the time resources, they lack the immediate access to the skills.

Media Savvy, this is all about recognizing what is available, what is possible, and how to achieve outcomes.

It is all only a question of time. The mass media of the 20th Century is being supplanted, the middleman giants are disappearing, how will you convert your area of operations into this new paradigm, how will you position yourself and allow the market to see you?


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