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Infowars There’s a War on For Your Mind

Alex Jones hero or villain?
Infowars is an independent media company operated by Alex Jones

I remember my first encounter with seeing Alex Jones back in about 2008, this was about eight years after Alex revealed his first foray into the murky underworld of secret association and covert frolicing among the elite circles of global leaders, industrialists and affiliated people at the ‘Bohemian Grove’ annual event. The ‘Cremation of Care’ ritual is perhaps the most well known part of this. Just like the ‘Bilderberg Meeting’ held each year, participants are sworn to confidentiality.

It is strange how leaders of supposedly democratic societies, and high status individuals from the business world all seem to be involved with covert groups, and hidden agendas.

Alex Jones gained a reputation for stealth investigation, as a result of this first major video release. From the year 2000 Infowars gained a massive audience, being syndicated on the Genesis talk radio network, and later building a large following on YouTube.

It seems there are a lot of people who dislike Alex Jones, and everywhere you look online there are hit pieces, and negative articles all claiming Jones is a scam artist, a man of ill repute; but how justified are these really, and if Infowars is such a nest of absurd conspiracy theories, why does it still have a vast audience which is growing, and why do only certain kinds of people express negative opinions about it?

What are the real reasons why Infowars was removed from social media platforms, is it because they depict ‘hate speech’, or unsavory conspiracy theories, or because they tread on too many official toes, and present information which makes mainstream media empire owners uncomfortable, perhaps being too revealing for those in power?

It is often cited, that when you are over a target ‘Flak’ grows more intense; I know this is a too often used WWII metaphor, but in the case of Infowars I suspect it is all too appropriate.

Do we dismiss Infowars, and its millions of fans as being a ‘lunatic fringe’, the followers all ignorant rubes, bigoted people? This is what many in the legacy media want us to do, this is clear!

2016 was a significant year, we had Brexit & the Trump victory, this upset millions among powerelites, the legacy media international clubs, the associations of globalist progressive social engineering, the so-called ‘left’ and various others.

Infowars was singled out as being a major media influence, a force for populism, the growing dissenting voice against increased social repression, political correctness, imposed multiculturalism, the E.U, the U.N, Communism/Socialism and the New World Order, the NSA, intelligence community-driven media.

Infowars presented some videos on YouTube which depicted a muscular conservative man fighting with ATIFA thugs (and beating them) in the street; the fact this man was not the instigator seemed to have little effect. Infowars was removed from YouTube.

The reason given? The videos were said to celebrate violence, and hateful attitudes.

ANTIFA at this point were clubbing defenseless individuals over the head with heavy metal bike locks, and beating people they did not like up viciously, roaming the streets with robber scarves wrapping their faces, black balaclavas, harassing female media reporters, all kinds of thuggery, but they represented ‘right think’ so it was ignored by the social media companies.

Infowars were not involved in any violence, but it seems any excuse was seized on. 

The link between Alex Jones and Trump was of course intolerable to the progressives.

Infowars represents a genuinely independent media project, and this too is intolerable to the empires of the barons, Infowars has built influence, it has greater traction with grassroots communities than the ‘mainstream’ organs.

I think we have to see the removal of Infowars from the social media platforms as an intolerable intrusion on free speech, regardless of personal, or political antipathy, even if the owners of these companies actively dislike the posters of content, they cannot be seen to impose their prejudice and political views on the rest of us, unless they wish to be viewed as publishers; they all went ahead with mass removal, and their collective reputations were smeared forever.

Alex Jones has been a major influence on the egalitarian approach to media publishing, inspiring the independent and citizen journalism movements very significantly, this is not spoken about very much, critics preferring to focus on the dramatic and often very funny content Alex produces, but the style of humour Alex riffs on is too subtle for the literal minded hair spray genius types, the self righteous and nauseatingly artificial anchormen and women of mainstream media productions.

Somebody needs to let these egotistical, po faced quasi journalists know that their schtick is corny, nobody is convinced of their merit, fewer and fewer people are tuning in each evening to receive their dose of affiliate ubiquitous spiel; we notice the same headlines, the same dreary mainstream narratives and explanations being shared out between ostensibly different organisations, they may as well be all part of the same club, they have zero original journalistic credibility.

Alex Jones is an astute observer of popular culture, his original presentations as a radio personality have transformed into a sophisticated multimedia format, video is definitely the main emphasis of his organisation.

We need to understand that Infowars is today a very sophisticated, and well organised organisation, with many other personalities and contributors enabling a broad range of analysis and narrative, Paul Joseph Watson, Owen Shroyer, David Knight, Millennial Millie and many other guests and commentators, Stefan Molyneux, David Icke, Joe Rogan, Roger Stone.

It is all too easy to dismiss Alex Jones for the left leaning, bland media tribes, their humorless and always obtuse analysis falls very short of understanding the intentions behind Infowars, which is always promoting libertarian and Americana values which are in themselves alien concepts to these people; this is fundamentally a cultural battlefield, a political struggle.

There is no more clear example of just how little mainstream American, left inclined audiences comprehend the full scope of Infowars than Stephen Colbert’s luke warm attempt at satire ‘Tuck Buckford’, Colbert insists on describing Alex Jones as a ‘Radio personality’, an attempt to restrict Jones’s broad media presence, but the true failure in this attempt at lampooning is the blatant inaccuracy and willfully ignorant refusal to address the veracity of Infowars material.

Alex Jones is the first one to admit he sometimes over states the case, gives way to ranting and anger filled tirades, but this is not the whole story, nor is it even the point, most media personalities have quirks and distinctive mannerisms which are useful to political cartoonists.

Alex Jones is often criticised for promoting and selling supplements, vitamins, water purification systems and this is apparently all that is needed to earn the label ‘snake oil salesman’, which is hardly fair, or accurate. Stephen Colbert is paid very handsomely by the investment boards and media moguls who hire his talents, the advertisers who purchase time slots in his shows are they too snake oil salesmen? 

Funding one’s own media organisation through selling good quality supplements, and water purification devices is hardly illegal, or unethical, it is very good economic sense, an example of American free enterprise, just because vitamins, iodine, survival items are presented for sale is not proof of wrongdoing, what a distortion of logic!

The vitamin and supplement market is vast, along with survival and ‘prepping’ goods and services, Jones is not a bad person for selling these items, plus independent tests have proven his catalog of items are all very high quality, legitimate products; it is down to his audience if they wish to purchase them, and nobody else’s business.

Stephen Colbert is hopelessly out of scope with his low quality lampoon (Tuck Buckford), it might satisfy the low brow, largely uneducated audience of his mainstream zombie audience, but to most people with possession of critical thinking skills it is passe, and utterly unfunny. There is room for satire with Infowars, but Colbert is too invested with mean spirited spite to perceive this, he takes the low road.

I think Infowars has faults, like all ideology driven media it sometimes overshoots the target, perhaps inviting too much speculation, as opposed to hard fact based analysis, but as one of the few truly alternative media platforms it has a heavy load to carry, Alex Jones can be forgiven for occasional lapses of judgement, he is after all a human being like the rest of us. 

Misrepresented, falsely maligned and widely criticised as Alex Jones is he seems to thrive on the toxic atmosphere of the media wars, seeming to shrug off attacks which would destroy many people. I admire and support Alex Jones, not because I agree with everything he utters, but because he is a sincere, genuine journalist, with solid gold values and a powerful belief in American society, the constitution, liberty and free enterprise capitalism. I think he has been very shabbily treated but this should also alert us to the oncoming tsunami of restrictions, censorship and the shrinking of liberty in general in our western society.

The fact that Infowars continues to thrive, to produce its programs and its media presence continues to grow is a testament to the vision and energy of its founder, to all of the haters and critics I would say: what have you done, what have you produced towards your own vision, your beliefs and values?

There is a war on for your mind, and Infowars is one of the few media organisations who are on our side.





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