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Importance Of Becoming A Media Company


Moving beyond the concept of 'blogging'

Digital media really has moved on a long way from the days when ‘blogging’ was a thing.

For any business operating in today’s conditions it must be obvious that we are living in a world where ‘Media’ is the currency of meaning.

It was always a kind of ‘rule of thumb’ that it was beneficial to operate a Blog along with your business website. Building a scheduled production calendar where articles, videos and updates were presented has been a familiar practice. However it is surprising how few businesses actually comit to this.

These days we have the ability to publish very high quality media. But what are the advantages?

For a very practical first point, ‘Adblocking’ is rampant. Today’s digital consumer has a very low threshold of tolerance for 20th Century style advertising. We just don’t like it mate.

So, producing your own media, building the narrative of your own identity and reason for being you can overcome this organic dislike for advertising, the ‘dead air time’ of T.V through actively building your company’s media presence.

We all need to become ‘Media Companies’ and offer much more than selling messages and hype, we need to be grown up and create truly valuable offerings.

Digital culture has matured, it is now the primary medium of our attention; there is no denying this.

It is now absolutely crucial for any ‘player’ to create their own media, tell their stories, offer genuine information, build interest. I am talking about employing Editors and creative writers, video specialists, graphics people. Building a fully developed media organization as being an organic part of your operations.

With this high quality media you can then build syndication. This means your media, along with the branding message and digital identity it represents, is distributed on social media, on other websites, all over the place.

Media production is the powerful means by which your business will expand and build its identity in our digital world.

Business that does not understand this will fail.

People who do not recognize that we all now must become ‘Media Companies’ will fail.

It is not about ‘blogging’ son, it is about becoming your own media business.

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Being a Media Business Is Crucial
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