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Helping People With The Internet & IT Is What I Do

As someone who has been working with information technology for a long time, like over two decades, I have a good insight into the problems people can have trying to get things to work for them; not everyone has an aptitude for using hardware and software, not everyone grasps what is happening online, or how to get the most out of today’s digital world.

In fact I have made my living in the past from overseeing large networks, and coming to the rescue of people who work on that network, advising them on the best investments for equipment, putting out fires (as some people like to call it) and repairing/maintaining devices.

I possess that quality which psychologists call ‘Empathy’, this is actually quite a rare quality in the field of corporate IT,  where technical attainments and obsessions with ‘kit’ tend to be favored. This is also why 8/10 Help Desks simply don’t help many people. The technical teams tend to spend their time scoffing and making fun of the users, who they invariably look down on as being plebs, and technophobes. 

This situation can sometimes be justified, because support workers are rather like doctors and nurses, people can blame them for not instantly curing their IT ignorance with an instant fix, even though they have not bothered to learn how to use the systems and applications they need to work with. 

But this is not always the case. People can be very good at what they do, but maybe they just don’t ‘get’  IT in general. And this can be very much the case out there in the real world.

It might not occur to a business owner that their office could function using a free suite of applications offered by Google, that they can use the internet to optimize their procedures and run their entire business ‘in the cloud’.

People have all kinds of ideas, and notions about the internet, and imagine that they can’t manage a website unless they know ‘coding’. I encounter that one quite a lot. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace offer very easily managed solutions and small business owners can upload content to their blog, and participate with building their online reputation, and visibility.

The idea of running a business blog, in itself might not occur to a lot of people. They may not understand that this is a very effective way of building organic traffic, of syndicating their message. Being a media company as an additional part of running your business is extremely powerful.

If people are at least open minded, and willing to accept they don’t really know how to manage their YouTube channel, or their Facebook business page, or put together a blog schedule and produce great articles this is a start.

This means that someone like me can help them. Rigid ways of thinking, misplaced pride, being unwilling to learn-this is bad, and not the way to improve things.

As an internet, and IT consultant I can help you in many different ways, in addition I am a communications specialist, I know the English language very well, I can give you some valuable insights and critical help getting your business to become visible online.

If you are reading this article it means I have done a reasonable job in getting in front of you. I can also do the same for you.

mike@iwritebox.com drop me a line, let’s talk.

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