iWritebox | Google's A.I meddling in outcomes

Google Found To Be Meddling in Political Outcomes

Google the largest of the 'tech giants' based in Silicon Valley has been caught deliberately favoring mainstream Democrat candidates.
google meddling in political search results

Project Veritas has received some disturbing information regarding the internal culture at Google, which always purports to hold an impartial position on politics, and political outcomes. In fact the corporate status of Google, like all tech giants is that of a ‘Platform’ not a ‘Publisher’ which ensures it cannot be held culpable for what is posted and published on its content platforms, such as YouTube. 

The whistleblower sent in a video which clearly reveals that Google senior management disliked Trump’s victory in 2016, and is taking technical steps to prevent Conservative commentators and pundits content from showing up in search results, and associated results of videos e.t.c

The video, removed from Youtube under the guise of a convenient ‘privacy strike’ due to some people objecting to having been filmed, was published on Project Veritas website, and alternative video sites such as BitChute.

I publish the video here, because there is a possibility the video will be removed from other sites, and iWriteBox is dedicated to free speech and the truth. Check for yourself, and consider what this represents in the stakes for fair play.

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