Steve Bannon Explains The Modern World

steve bannon

As a general rule I don’t simply present videos, but I think this speech delivered by Steve Bannon reveals so much about how our present day western world has arrived at the form it is currently in, that I think it is justified. Steve is a man who understands how ordinary people feel, and think […]

Who do You Think You Are Fooling?

are you looking at me

What A Tangled Web We Weave… Evil Empires, NSA & Privacy Digital Media Trumps Them All Like many others in recent weeks, I have been observing the various narratives and conclusions, not to mention the accusations concerning Facebook and the alleged ‘malicious third party’ data breaches. Now, we have seen a very robotic performance from […]

The Power of Digital Media

Gary Halbert and Copywriting

Mike Gorman Somewhere way south of Jewfish Creek Good Friday 2018 You know there was once a young man who aspired to build a simple data base of college students, using the advanced build language of the day. He just wanted to basically see who was ‘hot’ and who was not; to present a campus […]

Media Savvy

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The Liberation of The Technology People Now Have Direct Access! Technology What Isn’t Being Talked About Everywhere we look these days people are talking about how technology is changing the game. And yes, it is clear that our access to digital technology is exerting some significant changes on our society. Previously familiar media entities which […]

Building A Funnel And Other Oddities

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnels… What Are They About? Everywhere you look online recently, “Funnels” are being promoted, talked about and wildly presented as being almost a magical way to sell your thing. But what exactly are they, and why should you be interested? In this article Mike Gorman takes a beady eyed look at the hype, and […]

Brand Building On Digital Media


Building Your Unique Brand Online We See Brand Building As An Ongoing Process The idea of creating a ‘Brand’ is certainly not a new one. We are all familiar with thousands of well-known brands which have been a central part of our lives for decades. However, with the advent of our connected world, and social […]

Hard Work, Empathy, Humility And Kindness

Hard Work, Empathy And Kindness? Some thoughts about business, attitudes and todays social world We are brought up in our society to become competitive, this is fostered by our education system and the values our parents transfer to us. We learn the value of cooperation, and of being able to ‘get along’, but it is […]

Importance Of Becoming A Media Company

  Moving beyond the concept of ‘blogging’ Digital media really has moved on a long way from the days when ‘blogging’ was a thing. For any business operating in today’s conditions it must be obvious that we are living in a world where ‘Media’ is the currency of meaning. It was always a kind of […]