| Bilderberg Why Secret?

Bilderberg Annual Meetings Why Secret?

Bilderberg refuse to reveal their intentions
Bilderberg refuse to reveal their intentions
Highly significant invitees, Chatham House rules, this is not on in 2019

for too long the details behind the annual Bilderberg meetings have been kept a closely guarded secret. The invitees read like a ‘Who’s who’ of media, science, industry, politics, it is almost as if they don’t the public to know what they decide, and what they discuss in these proceedings. Last year in 2018 the famous term ‘Post Truth world’ came out of their meeting, to describe the emergence of alternative media, digital journalism and the flourishing of global discussion on social media. If this represents ‘post truth’ what have the past 70 years represented with broadcast media and restricted publication, the propaganda of corporate media empires?

Each year for the past 10 years or so, an increasing scrutiny has developed among citizen journalists, and thanks to the exposure from such alternative media people as Alex Jones, the profile of the Bilderberg group has become much more well known, although it can hardly be said that the ‘Normie’ population is aware of it yet.

Secret proceedings, secret oaths and secret agendas have no place in the western democratic world, it is up to us to hold these people to account, and to demand access to their decisions, their intentions and to their actions which stem from their meetings; this affects us all.

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