Brand Building On Digital Media


Building Your Unique Brand Online We See Brand Building As An Ongoing Process The idea of creating a ‘Brand’ is certainly not a new one. We are all familiar with thousands of well-known brands which have been a central part of our lives for decades. However, with the advent of our connected world, and social […]

Why Digital Promotions Has Nothing To Do With Technology

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It’s Not Technology That Counts Perspective is a strange quality. If you have ever had a look at some of the art work which pre-dates the 17th Century, and then compared this with later works you can clearly see how perspective becomes more and more important.¬†Brunelleschi is credited with introducing mathematical, geometric perspective into art. […]

Anatomy Of A Website For Today

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  Can A Website Truly Help You In 2018? One of my associates who works in the U.K market put forward the idea that ‘traditional web design’ is Dead. This is a mature man who has been helping clients to publish their commercial websites since the mid 1990’s; he is experienced and was one of […]

The Interactive Dynamic Of New Media

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  The Dynamic Of Media Has Changed Completely It’s ‘Fake News’! Everywhere we can see that mainstream media is facing the biggest challenge to their authority ever, and the brokers of social power are seeking to refute the credibility of the ‘Alternative Media’ . The development of online media prior to 2016 was largely ignored […]

Hard Work, Empathy, Humility And Kindness

Hard Work, Empathy And Kindness? Some thoughts about business, attitudes and todays social world We are brought up in our society to become competitive, this is fostered by our education system and the values our parents transfer to us. We learn the value of cooperation, and of being able to ‘get along’, but it is […]

The Question Of Quality

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Your Podcast, Blog, Big Factory, eCommerce Biz, New Invention, Is It Any Good Though? We live in very noisy times. It seems we are being offered ‘stuff’ everywhere we go.¬† Experts and specialists compete for our attention and we make our choices based on what we know, and what we wish to achieve. The big […]

The Cloud And The Truth

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The Cloud & The Coming Revolution In all the major cities of Australia we have IT services companies, Web services, Corporate IT managers and other ‘Tech people’. Over the past five years I see increasing references to ‘The Cloud’ as though it is some kind of optional extra that you can use as a convenience; […]

Importance Of Becoming A Media Company

  Moving beyond the concept of ‘blogging’ Digital media really has moved on a long way from the days when ‘blogging’ was a thing. For any business operating in today’s conditions it must be obvious that we are living in a world where ‘Media’ is the currency of meaning. It was always a kind of […]

High Street Webdesign Agencies And B.S

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Why Serious Business Always Misses Out Digitally The thinking behind running a business is usually based on ‘risk management’, especially high end ‘this is serious’ type business. This is a natural strategic mode of behavior, one which characterizes successful people all over the globe; in our current digital age it is also unfortunately one which […]