Media Savvy

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The Liberation of The Technology People Now Have Direct Access! Technology What Isn’t Being Talked About Everywhere we look these days people are talking about how technology is changing the game. And yes, it is clear that our access to digital technology is exerting some significant changes on our society. Previously familiar media entities which […]

Building A Funnel And Other Oddities

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnels… What Are They About? Everywhere you look online recently, “Funnels” are being promoted, talked about and wildly presented as being almost a magical way to sell your thing. But what exactly are they, and why should you be interested? In this article Mike Gorman takes a beady eyed look at the hype, and […]

Who Watches T.V Ads Anymore?

T.V advertising is dead

fast forwarding t.v ads & building narratives online Just Like You, I Fast Forward Through T.V Ads I was recently interested in seeing a movie which I like, I could have watched this on ‘NetFlix’ but it just happened to flick up on my T.V search and I noticed it was on a Free-to-air channel […]

Helping People To Use Tech

I help people with the internet

I help people with the internet & tech Helping People With The Internet & IT Is What I Do As someone who has been working with information technology for a long time, like over two decades, I have a good insight into the problems people can have trying to get things to work for them; […]


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social media is Extremely powerful! Social Media Can Move Mountains It makes me smile sometimes, when I hear people refer to Social Media as being a trivial, chattering activity. That silly stuff you think of as being trivial is responsible for enormous shifts and changes in our society. There is a widespread lack of understanding, […]

The World Is Going Boutique

niche business

we are all going niche The Music Industry Is Changing In A Big Way Mainstream music, we are used to thinking about the music industry in terms of ‘Labels’ & ‘Recording Studios’, we see programs like ‘The Voice’ and other talent shows, we might even listen to the radio and still think about ‘The Charts’. […]

Stop Nuisance Callers

cold calling

Cold Callers & Advertisers Begone! If you are anything like me you will get people calling on your phone, trying to sell you on one thing or another. Products, holidays, cars, competitions, charity, services, politics. I get annoyed, and sometimes quite cross at a lot of them, because: I do not know them from Adam […]

Secure Socket Layer Certificate For Australian Web Sites

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Your website needs an sSL certificate You may have noticed that lots of websites are sporting that green ‘Secure’ label in their address bar lately.  You also might have noticed that HTTPS is becoming more common, there is an excellent reason for this: Google have stipulated that their algorithms and Rank Brain technologies will downgrade […]

Shopify eCommerce And Disruption

eCommerce is a gold rush

Shopping From the Street or eCommerce Shopping from the street is always popular, but maybe not so much these days It is a few days before Christmas, my house partner & I went on a shopping trip to the local supermarket center, and a major brand of hardware warehouse. Wow! what a hassle. The parking […]

Are Websites Still Relevant?


Do Brands Even Need A Website From 2018? Websites have been with us ever since Tim Berners-Lee published the very first one, back on August 6 1991; that was not really much more than a plain text page, with a list of web addresses. 26 years has seen a colossal growth and development of sophistication, […]